Startup Studio

We create global solutions to solve local issues. (Yes we can)
Don't tell others what we're doing

We are authentic africa group, a vibrant startup studio based out of the beautiful Teranga of Sénégal. Our companies are glocal, social and impactful.

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A big basket of juicy fruits

45 days sprints. 

16th February 2018

AAG Startup Studio is born

March 2018

Drnk Africa, Content Agency

Q2 2018

Bot me, Bot you, Bot it together

Q2 2018

You are my african queen

Q2 2018

Aches and strains, Mayday Mayday
Are you still sending emails ?

Hundreds of years ago, you had to send someone walking very long distances to send your message to the king. We made it easier. 

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Never send emails, we will look for you, we will find you, and we will tickle you.
261 Apecsy 1, Yoff, Dakar, Sénégal
You just found the secret location of NSA (National Sabar Agency). Run for your life.